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“Through the engagement of Renoir, we have over achieved against the committed benefits… unique bottom up approach, working with the crews on site, rather than imposing change from senior management was well received by different levels of the workforce and ultimately empowered them to improve their situation”
- Aaron Smith, Manager Production and Development, WA, ROC Oil



Krishna Paupamah

Group CEO
A Word

From The CEO

Australia faces many challenges at present, with the slowdown of the Chinese economy having a significant knock-on effect on our economy as well as a weakened resources sector and a corresponding fall in the tax base, with its political repercussions.  After over 2 decades’ growth, that led to us being dubbed the ‘lucky country’, many in business have become used to the numbers only ever going upwards, and this relative perceived change in our fortunes has led to a fall in business confidence.  Whilst the economy in New Zealand (after suffering significantly more than Australia during the GFC), is humming along at the moment, the country faces at least 3 years of below-cost returns in its biggest export industry: dairy and this is likely to have an impact on the wider economy. Added to this we will face the wind-down phase of the Canterbury rebuild.

Unfortunately, uncertainty can lead to a creeping paralysis with many companies frightened to make decisions, or waiting to see what their competitors are going to do. However, many of the underlying indicators remain strong in both countries, and the economic reality is rosier than many business surveys (particularly in Australia) suggest.  Renoir knows that whether you are fighting for survival, or wanting to improve your margins, prevarication is your biggest enemy and that the only real constant in business is change- which is something we have a lot of experience in helping companies with!

“I have worked with many consultants and this is the highest level of ownership that I’ve seen in a change project”

Stephen Matthews CFO, Broadcast Australia

“The Project has been remarkably successful in driving sustainable cultural change and embedding continuous commercial improvement. Staff were engaged in the process and they understood the vision from the outset”

Maree Slater Executive General Manager, HR, Ausgrid

Renoir Consulting was established in the region in 2007, and since then has worked with over 60 clients across a wide variety of industries.  After our initial start in the mining and oil and gas industries, we’ve used our worldwide experience of multiple industries to help clients in fields as diverse as transport, utilities, retail, healthcare, defense and communications to improve their efficiency and improve their bottom line.  These clients have found that we don’t just talk the talk, we deliver and more importantly we stay around until changes are imbedded in their organizations, so that it becomes their new way of working. Going back to our first projects in this region, we find that the process that started with our original work for them continues to help them address the ever changing marketplace and continue to improve their ways of working.

Our team of local employees, from both Australia and New Zealand, continue to bring our global experience tailored to the local market. If this sound interesting, please take a look around the website, have a read of our case studies and reference letters and then drop us a line. No obligations. You might find us somewhat different from those consultancies who write reports, and then leave you to try and implement their recommendations.

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