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“Investors & market analysts have been impressed by the costs reduction, resulting from our efficiency improvement, that has contributed to HIT’s margin improvement within a difficult market.”

- Gerry Yim, CEO, HPH Trust, Hong Kong



Martyn Webber

COO South East Asia
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From The COO China & Hong Kong

China’s GDP growth would still be the main contributor to the world’s economic growth. With the improving economic outlook of the US and Eurozone and the proactive economic growth policy of China, Hong Kong is well-positioned to leverage on the opportunities brought about by China’s recent reforming strategies. Given the favourable economic backdrop, Hong Kong and China companies are still facing precious opportunities as well as huge challenges and difficulties. Being part of this promising but unpredictable economy, you need to continue to strengthen your management control to deal effectively with a generally fluctuating and soft economy. You need to put great efforts on making your operation more efficient, your cost more competitive, and your sales stronger. Renoir in HK and China provides a key puzzle to help all these areas. We are a world leader in implementation consulting. We have a reputation for our ability to effect significant change - rapidly and sustainably - critical in today’s challenging economic climate.

“…now I can have a close-loop management system to improve my store operations with better transparency. I have seen a more scientific way of management introduced by Renoir team. I’m sure those effects will be able to help my store operations and reinforce our usual way of working based on more experience-based method.”

Mr. Vincent Wang, General Manager Parkson, China

Operational excellence is crucial for raising competitiveness and driving profitable growth. As wages in China continue to rise and the local economic growth has slowed down, you need to streamline the process and make the operations with transparency. Together with continuous process improvement, this will allow you further increasing your company’s output and margin.

Renoir Consulting over 20 years experience with change management, helps you:

  • To increase productivity and efficiency
  • To reduce cost, loss revenue and excess cost of serve
  • To find out full potential in terms of synchronising operations between your different business units and profitability
  • To manage growth to optimising limited resources and customer satisfaction

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