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"This was a great opportunity to work with these guys. I’ve seen change and I want to see more! "

- Dr. Ali Jaber, General Manager, SKM Air Conditioning, UAE



Tom Verkooijen

COO Middle East
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From The COO Middle East

The Middle East is going through an interesting period at the moment. With the oil price at a record low and lots of industries, related or not, under pressure as a result, business expenditure as well as consumer confidence is low and lots of expats are leaving the region. This presents a dynamic, especially at the front end of the business, which many companies have not encountered before. They now need to work very hard to sell their goods to potential prospects, contrary to the not-so-distant past where orders were merely taken following prospects approaching them. Consequently, various clients are asking for our support in implementing sales effectiveness programs, knowing that they will need to take control of their own destiny, their own top-line, in order to survive. In parallel, the normal programs related to unit-cost reductions driven by increased efficiency, productivity and quality are still in high demand to maintain focus on the bottom-line as well. Having extensive experience in both areas, Renoir Consulting Middle East is proving to be a reliable partner supporting our clients through this challenging period.

“The program met our expectations in demonstrating positive behavioral change that resulted in exceeding the programmes objectives. .”

Ron Metcalf, Executive & Managing Director Al Jaber Energy Services, UAE

Renoir Consulting Middle East was started in 2010, upon request of some major international clients who wanted our support here in the region. Knowing the large cultural diversity in the region, Renoir is perfectly positioned to use our multinational experience and deploy our international consulting teams in its programs in the regions, mirroring our clients’ cultures and profiles perfectly to ensure that the best possible chemistry is being created. This allows us to take a strong stance when it comes to improvement commitments, because we are comfortable that, with our dedicated teams and global perspectives and best practices, can deliver what we promise. And, in most cases, a lot more. Please have a look at our case studies and reference letters and see if we could help you solve your issues and or improve your business further.

We have worked all across the Middle East, in virtually all countries. In manufacturing. In construction, many times. In oil & gas, of course. In healthcare. And so on. Actually, you will struggle to find a sector that we haven’t worked in. But that does not mean that we take proven solutions from a past client and assume that it would suit you too. Far from it – we work with your staff to develop bespoke solutions, which, because of the involvement of your staff, not only ensure the best possible chance of achieving great results, also become sustainable.

Does this sounds remotely interesting? Have a look at our website or drop us a line. Without any obligations. You might find us somewhat different from those consultancies who develop your strategy, handle your IT program or write reports. We don’t do either. We improve your bottom-line. Together. Plain and simple.

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