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“The expertise and partnering that the Renoir team brought to my division alone enabled us to more than achieve our goal with real savings of $2,224,507. We far exceeded our expectations and we could not have done it without the commitment of your team, and ours, to stay the course. It is exhilarating to say the least!”

- Director, Peri-operative Services, Medical College of Georgia, USA



Charles Reinighaus

COO North America
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From The COO North America

The story of Renoir North America began in 1996, when we set up our first consulting office in Herndon, Virginia. Since those early days, we’ve stayed true to our original commitment to do our best for our clients and our employees. We’re passionate about providing both with unique opportunities to thrive and improve.

As we evolve and grow, we continue to deliver innovative, practical solutions to organizations in sectors including healthcare, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, aerospace and defence and finance and banking.

We’re proud of our record of delivering specific, measurable and sustainable transformation.

“The power of what Renoir did for us, was they built upon existing systems and practices taking them to a new level. They were very effective on the shop floor, working with supervisors to gain acceptance and compliance with a new way of managing.”

Jeff Geiger VP Manufacturing

At Renoir North America, we have the confidence to promise our clients guaranteed results. We work in collaboration with their own people to help business leaders achieve their objectives.

As you will see from our reference letters, each engagement is tailored to the client’s unique situation and desired outcome. We focus on improving people, processes and systems, so you can expect fewer consulting reports and unparalleled results.

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