March- 18: This month’s article focuses on meetings and how to maximise their impact while
keeping the time spent in them to a minimum. A few minutes spent reading this piece could save you many hours and lots of frustration in the future!

We’re also sharing a case study about our work with Primary Group of Builders in the Philippines, helping three member companies improve their productivity.

February- 18: This month we’re featuring another article by Senior Consultant Joseph Wilkinson,
following up on his previous piece about knowledge management. This time he investigates how well we actually walk the walk here at Renoir!

To accompany it we’re sharing a case study about a project we carried out with Malaysia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks, to boost their operational productivity.

January- 18: This month’s article, by Australia-based Senior Consultant Joseph Wilkinson, is one of
a pair focusing on knowledge management. This time he gives us an overview of this important aspect of running a business effectively and how to get it right.

We’re also sharing a case study about how we helped to make a seemingly impossible digital integration happen by enabling MediaMarkt and its new acquisition, iBOOD, align their very different approaches to retail.


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