In the mid-nineties, a small company with big ideas, began.  Today, we’re a much bigger company, and we still have big ideas.  Our promise is still the same  -we commit to results.

When the business began, our domestic (UK) arm was named Rembrandt and the international division, Renoir. By the late 1990’s our international activity began to outstrip the UK business, and we finally consolidated under the Renoir Consulting name.  Today we operate on six continents, employing over 400 people, some of whom have been with us since the beginning.


1994 Our launch project

In 1994 Our launch project was with Initial Textiles, working throughout their UK and European locations. Under the Renoir name, we expand to India. Tata is our lead client and the relationship continues to the present day, averaging a project a year.


Later in the 90’s

Later in the 90’s Renoir begins operations in the SE Asia market in Malaysia and the Philippines, with lead clients, Asia Brewery and Tenaga Nasional. The Renoir Group is formed. We complete the first of two projects with Godfrey Phillips in India, demonstrating that the approach used for manufacturing operations is equally powerful when applied to sales. We complete over a dozen train projects with UK train companies.


In 2000 Renoir expands

In 2000 Renoir expands to the USA with projects at L3’s Power Sytems & Conagra Food’ Gilroy plant. Renoir Oil & Gas formed and begins work with Total and Shell. Renoir Brazil formed with lead clients, Varig, Panamco/Coca Cola and Siemens. In 2003 Renoir expands to Indonesia with a Project for Texmaco.


In the mid 00’s

In the mid 00’s Renoir expands to Australia and Thailand. Our Transportation experience expands with Projects with Eurostar and bmi Airlines in the UK. More Transportation work in Malaysia with MAS. Renoir begins work with Tata’s hospital in India.

Late 00's

Late 00’s and Renoir India experiences massive growth

Late 00’s and Renoir India experiences massive growth with 8 new Projects added. Renoir’s Oil & Gas practice takes it to Abu Dhabi where the company is also assisting a client to set up and operate a health insurance company. Renoir adds France and China to its growing operation and embarks on a string of projects in Telecoms and Construction.


Into the ‘10’s

Into the ‘10’s and despite the economic recession and buoyed by a significant surge of business from existing clients, Renoir’s growth continues at a torrid pace with the majority of work coming from referrals and repeat clients. We start work in South Africa our sixth continent.  The move to broaden Renoir’s base has paid off very quickly.  Work in Turkey follows, and we discover we’ve worked in over 50 countries, adding Pakistan in 2014.


And today?

And today? Well the world’s stockmarkets swing wildly, the oil price has crashed, and as ever we live in a time of change . What has been constant over the last 20 years is our determination to deliver what we promise to our clients: sustainable business improvement.


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