If the Focus Process® is the preparation and plan to win the hearts and minds of the key stakeholders in the business, the Implementation Phase is the execution and delivery.

We define this important Phase as “Making it happen”. Once the Management Action Teams (MATs) see, understand and believe that the opportunities are there, we follow up and support them through highly effective and relevant training, coaching, and facilitating the changes required to deliver the result.

Making a change, to a process or a system, is easy. What’s more of a challenge is to change the behaviour of the people doing the work. If they understand why there’s been a change and can see the benefits such a change brings, then that change and the revised behaviour becomes sustainable, driving the business forwards long after the project has finished.

During the Implementation phase, we track the behavioural change of the employees involved in the change process through our unique Situational Behaviour Audit.  This allows us to tailor support to match the progress of the individuals involved.  It also tells us when the complete handover is appropriate and helps us to design the right AfterCare programme.   

Renoir’s goal is twofold:

  1. Exceed the financial and operational goals to which we committed.
  2. Ensure that the stakeholders who are involved with those goals can do it again and again, without us. For us, it’s the most important goal.

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