“Renoir has played an integral role and through their unique approach, simple to understand and implementable solutions have enabled us to achieve a 15% improvement in a short time frame. This improvement has been achieved through Renoir’s ability to drive behavioural change, which is clearly evident within the organisation“



Martyn Webber

COO South East Asia
A Word

From The COO South East Asia

Malaysia has emerged as one of Renoir’s busiest markets the last 20 years with tremendous growth potential. That growth has strained supply chains, demanded investment against economic uncertainty, and created critical skill gaps in the workforce. Adding to the challenges, the regional and global competitions are at greater levels than ever.

However, 2015 ended as a gloomy year for Malaysia and its currency, Ringgit. A slump in the oil prices and political uncertainties, coupled with the weakening of the Asian market, the pressure of the downside remains going into 2016.Consumer sentiments are dampened, corporations are cutting back and GLCs are cautious. The question is, Will Malaysia continue to drop? Strengthen? Or stay flat? Globally, it is going to be a challenging environment.

There is, however, good news. While oil-related exports decline significantly, non-oil exports are expected to held up and should continue to see decent earnings growth at the back of weak Ringgit. The government remains committed in transport infrastructure spending as well as supporting the affordable housing developments projects. Medical tourism may emerge as a direct beneficiary as the weakening Ringgit provides a cheaper option for medical tourists to obtain high-quality medical treatments in here. Within this environment we consistently delight our Malaysian clients, usually by delivering more benefits than we committed. We plan the achievable, but if necessary, we will provide the required resource to ensure success.

“I found Renoir’s implementation very effective and we achieved significant cost savings. I am confident that with Renoir’s high emphasis on sustainability, we can ensure the continuity of the performance improvements.”

Chief Executive Officer, Petrochemical Producer

In 1996, Renoir Consulting carried out its first project in Malaysia, working with Tenaga Nasional across a number of its business activities. Its success has led to many others and as a result, Renoir established its regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Amongst our clients in the country are CCM/PNB, Shell Refinery, PETRONAS, Celcom/Group Axiata, Plus Expressway, Malaysia Airlines Engineering and Penang Port.

We also found that the Malaysian business leaders are open to change. We firmly believe that whatever you are doing today will not be good enough for tomorrow, and that there is always room for improvement. In fact, the improvement opportunities we identify, almost always surprise our clients, greatly exceeding what they thought was available.

Renoir offers a very transparent and straightforward approach. We commit to significant, rapid and sustainable, financial and operational results and we use a mix of local and foreign consultants. Using our global experience, we work with client staff at all levels to enable them to fully understand issues and root causes, accept responsibility for fixing it, and then coaching and training to deliver what was promised.

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