One of the exciting things about Renoir’s development has been the willingness to expand in new directions – as long as we can
do it well!

And, while there were a few things we decided not to pursue, there are important areas, critical to our clients’ performance, that we took on and mastered, by bringing them into our process. So, while you will see a number of classic management tools and techniques listed here, they all come with a Renoir twist – they must have clearly defined deliverables and be sustainable.

So for example we don’t do 6 sigma just for the sake of it. We do it to create results in rapid timeframes. Results that will be owned by your people and be sustainable. Maintenance programmes are not just about wrench or spanner time, but improved OEEs and real outputs.

You’ll recognise the titles in this section, but our clients appreciate the way we carry them out and deliver sustainable results.


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