ORGANISATIONAL REDESIGN - ‘Does the current structure support the needs and goals of the organisation’?


Renoir’s Methodology helps identify the core needs of the organisation and how they are currently being met by the existing structure. We then identify what criteria, current and future, need to be met in any alternative structure.

Next we examine your current structure at all levels. We examine spans of control, numbers of tiers, and activity lists and compile detailed skills matrices and RACIs for all key processes. We look into the current key performance indicators, systems and processes and meetings that support the structure and identify if they are fit for purpose. As with every Renoir project, this is done in conjunction with our clients’ people- for understanding, buy-in and ownership of the opportunities.

Based on the current and future needs of the organisation we develop, together with our clients, alternative structures, and identify the strengths, weaknesses and risks involved for each.

Once the optimum structure has been agreed, the detail of the new structure and the frameworks that will support it are developed. Together, with our clients, we revise RACIs, job descriptions, meetings, KPIs and management systems to support the new structure. Only then is the organization ready for the detailed implementation of the new structure, taking into account the people, logistical and systems-related challenges that will need to be overcome.

We recently worked with a client, reorganising his 2000 person organisation. As part of the risk mitigation a help desk was established to support people during the roll out. It received just 3 calls- 2 of which were for another project! A true testament to the power of getting it right, first time!




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