SALES & MARKETING - Our projects have assisted some of the world’s leading companies, and we’ve extensive experience in improving sales and marketing processes leading to increased sales volumes


We’ve been involved in sales and marketing productivity projects since our beginning, over twenty years ago. We found that the methodologies we originally developed for manufacturing environments actually had strong applicability to the forecasting, target setting, and control of sales teams. We proved that it possible to provide strong systems and processes to improve all aspects of the Sales & Marketing sphere..

Our projects have assisted some of the world’s leading companies, and we’ve extensive experience in improving both the quantity and quality of the interactions of our clients’ sales people with their customers - in person, telephone and/or internet. We develop a management control system around our client’s sales force, including effective forecasting mechanisms; short, medium and longer range planning; and individual salesperson target setting.

Reporting structures are adjusted as necessary to facilitate reliable trend identification – both the marketplace and your own people. Best practices are identified and used to train and recruit sales people and we also put in place the systems and processes to ensure the on-going communication between the sales function and other departments (for example: manufacturing, supply chain / distribution and marketing).

We have worked with clients in marketing at a macro level (defining marketing programmes) and at a micro level (eg. usage of point of sale material).

As with all Renoir projects, our focus is in taking your people on a journey: to identify the areas of opportunity and develop the solutions to achieve them. This ensures that they buy in to the changes required so the business reaps the benefits in terms of increased market penetration, greater coverage and, ultimately, higher sales.

“Now I have a structured system in place that tells me on a timely basis, for each of my channels, how sales is performing and what the issues are that need to be addressed. I have a clear picture for the first time now about what Sales is doing and what the results are. Also, the program has resulted in a much better coordination between Sales and Marketing, solving some of the issues that prevented Sales form performing at a high level.I would recommend a Renoir program to any company that needs a fresh look at their management systems and practices and needs a third party to drive the changes required.” Phil Green, CEO, CTM Telecommunications

Phil Green CEO, CTM Telecommunications




Rue de Rhone 14/ 1204 Geneva / Switzerland



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