“There are certain times when every company needs to re-assess and re-evaluate their capabilities in order to attain a higher level of performance. Renoir was able to provide us with an objective viewpoint and catalyst for change that helped us turn our areas of weakness into opportunities to improve, and ultimately deliver strong results. Significant breakthroughs were achieved……which contributed to a 94% increase in our 1H profitability compared to the year before.”

- Sulficio O. Tagud, Jr, President & CEO 2GO Group



Martyn Webber

COO South East Asia
A Word

From The COO South East Asia

The Philippines continues to be one of the fastest growing large economies in South East Asia with projected GDP growth of 6.6% this year according to the World Bank. However, this figure is down from earlier estimates of 6.9%, impacted by a slower-than-expected start to major infrastructure investment projects from the government. The President's "Build, Build, Build" initiative should directly tackle this, but actual implementation continues to be a challenge. Despite this, the construction industry continues to be strong, creating lots of opportunities for companies connected to this boom, from cement companies to equipment providers to utilities companies.

Elsewhere, mining has been affected by earlier changes to government restrictions but a reversal of this is underway which will give mining companies and related industries a chance to regain lost ground. Other areas to focus on are hospitality, propelled by strong and consistent growth in tourism, as well as the growing credibility of renewal energy. Mirroring global challenges, it's still a relatively small slice of the utilities market but companies are seeing its strategic significance and investment is growing in this area.

In response to the range of challenges and opportunities our clients face, Renoir has worked directly with clients on the ground to deliver revenue growth and cost optimisation gains while implementing their long-term strategy. Read on to find out how we do just that for clients across the spectrum of key industries in the Philippines.

“As a result of Project ‘Everest’, within three weeks of implementation, sales increases of 20% were attained at the pilot stores and within 29 weeks from inception the project had paid for itself”.

Ronald Mascarinas President and General Manager

Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc.

Our client list has seen much diversity in the last 5 years:  Local, homegrown organizations that started as family-owned corporations have recently experienced double-digit growth and are now discovering that costs are rising as fast as revenues, visibility and control are no longer existent, and as they expand inefficiencies are replicated.

Conglomerates wonder where to start, anxious that if they push a button will the other parts start turning in the same direction at the same pace and move like a single well-oiled machinery, asking if collectively they have the right tools, processes and systems in place to get them to the next level.

Multinationals now realize that Best Practices and Processes handed down from HQ are not enough to hit the mark, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and that they also need to bridge the behavioral and cultural aspects of project implementation.

But no matter how diverse they are, there is one thing they want in common:  After years of continued growth, they all want to put the building blocks of the business in the right place, and they all want it NOW.  Not in 2 years, not in 3 years, but NOW.  Sure they understand that human capital and workforce skills need to be developed, that processes and systems need to be reviewed, tools need to be improved, changes need to be sustainable, and results need to be higher than they have ever been.  They still want it NOW.

That’s why Renoir’s business in the Philippines has grown tremendously, we have helped our clients fast-track the improvements.  We understand that they don’t just want report writers, they want consultants who actually deliver quick, certain and sustainable results. Browse our case studies and reference letters to see how we have helped our clients fast-track the improvements they want, be it in retail, power, banking, transport, manufacturing, construction, hospital, oil and gas, utilities etc.

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