December-18: As we approach a new year, in this month’s article we consider how scenario planning could help your organisation be better prepared for whatever might be around the corner.

To go with the article, we’re sharing a case study from our work with a leading Middle Eastern construction company, where effective planning was a key area of focus. In an industry notorious for unexpected changes, we helped our client become better prepared to tackle problems as they occurred while boosting productivity.

November-18: In our article this month we consider the potential of employee engagement surveys to reconnect employers with their workforce, and how to conduct them for maximum impact.

Gathering input from employees at all levels of our clients’ organisations is a key aspect of the Focus Process® that we carry out at start of a new engagement. Our case study this time includes a detailed look at how we conducted the process at an Indian steel manufacturer and how we helped them leverage the employee input, involving participants in developing solutions to drive efficiency improvements.

October-18:  In our article this month we take a look at why you might want to consider offering
employees the power to take control of assessing their own performance. It may seem like a big step, if you’ve been used to standard appraisals throughout your career, but the potential rewards make it worth serious consideration.

In contrast, our case study looks at our work with a Middle Eastern construction company, where the focus was on improving their approach to performance management.

September-18: This month’s article looks at the importance of understanding processes and all the
elements that comprise them.

Our own Focus Process® enables us to gather the information we need to work out how we can help an organisation. This includes details of key processes, the steps they comprise, who is responsible for them and where any inefficiencies lie. Bringing the people responsible together to uncover this information can be enlightening for all involved.

To go with the article, we’re sharing another case study from our work with the PORR-SBG-HBK joint venture working on the Doha Metro Green Link in Qatar.

August-18: Our article this time might seem a bit self-centred, but we felt it was an important topic to address. Management consultants have picked up a bit of a bad reputation, perhaps partly because we’re often called in when companies are in dire straits. Of course some do also walk away and leave clients struggling at the end of an engagement, but not us!

In our article we outline five of the most common positive reasons companies engage
management consultants and the contribution we can actually make, which really can be transformational.

Our case study sticks with the theme of following through. It looks at our work with the construction consortium working on a major stadium and museum development project in Doha, Qatar, and how we helped them apply methods we had previously helped them develop to improve productivity.

July-18: This month’s e-Portrait is all about cutting costs.
In our article we share some key tips to help you take a considered and effective approach to reducing costs that should result in sustainable improvements to your
bottom line.

Our case study sticks with the cost cutting theme, revealing how we helped a copper mining company in the Philippines – a subsidiary of Atlas mining – to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

June-18: This month’s e-Portrait features an article from one of our Senior Consultants working in the Middle East. In it he looks at the importance of getting to and recording the true cause when things go wrong. It may sound obvious, but it’s a surprisingly common weak point for businesses in a wide range of sectors.

We’re also sharing a case study about our work with Tru-Test Group, an agricultural technology company based in New Zealand. Our Analysis revealed a number of areas of improvement that the company could address in order to achieve its aim of increasing sales.

May-18: This month’s article, contributed by one of our employees based in Asia, takes a look at a phenomenon that often stymies effective strategy implementation and how organisations can tackle it.

We’re also sharing a case study about our work with Brazilian water, sewage and
utilities company BRK Ambiental.

April-18: This month we’re featuring another article from Joseph Wilkinson, this time examining the root cause of toxic workplace cultures and our approach to tackling them.

We’re also sharing a new case study about our work with leading Indian construction company, Larsen & Toubro Construction. This is a great example of a case where fundamental changes in workplace culture resulted in transformational productivity improvements.

March- 18: This month’s article focuses on meetings and how to maximise their impact while
keeping the time spent in them to a minimum. A few minutes spent reading this piece could save you many hours and lots of frustration in the future!

We’re also sharing a case study about our work with Primary Group of Builders in the Philippines, helping three member companies improve their productivity.

February- 18: This month we’re featuring another article by Senior Consultant Joseph Wilkinson,
following up on his previous piece about knowledge management. This time he investigates how well we actually walk the walk here at Renoir!

To accompany it we’re sharing a case study about a project we carried out with Malaysia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks, to boost their operational productivity.

January- 18: This month’s article, by Australia-based Senior Consultant Joseph Wilkinson, is one of
a pair focusing on knowledge management. This time he gives us an overview of this important aspect of running a business effectively and how to get it right.

We’re also sharing a case study about how we helped to make a seemingly impossible digital integration happen by enabling MediaMarkt and its new acquisition, iBOOD, align their very different approaches to retail.

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