Not being one of the big consulting companies has great advantages - for us and for you.  For us it means that we play important roles, get to interact with our clients, own the responsibility for delivering a result and get great personal satisfaction from our jobs well done.

For you it means personal attention, dealing with the people that have the responsibility to make your project successful, knowing that you have direct access to Renoir’s CEO, and not having to pay a fortune for consulting work without a guarantee that you will have anything to show for it - short or long term. And you won’t be dealing with scope creep costs, an important detail that is the prime reason why 85% of consulting projects are over budget.  In the words of one of our many happy clients, "I was, also, very happy with Renoir’s willingness to take on activities that were beyond the scope of their work."

Which brings us to the idea behind letters of Reference.  We understand that it is often easier and sometimes perceived to be safer, to work with one of the big guys.  Reference letters from your peers are a way to help you decide that we are indeed a safe pair of hands.  So read through our collection of letters, arranged alphabetically.  We hope to get one from you some day soon.


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