“The project was a great success and has delivered significant reductions in year on year costs; Renoir’s approach allowed us to manage this sensitive initiative in a focused and timely manner. They helped us meet the challenges of the future.”

- Senior Manager, Offshore Operations, BP, Indonesia



Charles Karsten

COO South East Asia
A Word

From The COO Indonesia

Renoir's approach is fundamentally different than the traditional consultants. In essence Renoir is focused on bringing the business "back to the basics" and our forte is ‘implementation’ and ‘delivering tangible results’. We engage the client workforce to ensure understanding, creating buy-in and ownership, and locking in long term and powerful sustainability. The approach has worked very well for our clients and Renoir in Indonesia.

Renoir’s growth in Indonesia, since 1996, parallels our involvement in sectors as diverse as oil & gas, construction, telecoms & media, mining, manufacturing, financial services, transportation, and food, beverage and tobacco has been well received as all of these assignments have resulted in significant financial gains for our clients.

While our projects have saved Indonesian clients hundreds of millions in bottom line benefits, it is our unique ability to engage Indonesian employees on all levels that makes us a true world leader in sustainable change.

Our tenure in Indonesia has allowed us to develop a strong base of local consultants, who, when combined with our 300 plus expat consultant base, many with deep experience in the country, comprise a formidable combination of local and global experience to assist our clients.

“Renoir has played an integral role in nurturing job ownership among all levels of employees. The corporate culture has already begun to change for the better and most employees are self-motivated to improve existing processes to create a more efficient work environment. Renoir’s ability to drive the shop floor has been the key to success and sustainability in this exercise”

David Chao, President Director

Leading the way in Indonesia, insofar as our involvement is concerned, is Axiata and Indosat. This relationship, developed over the past seven years, has spawned further engagements internationally, as this aggressive, forward thinking telecom service provider expands.

Renoir has had a 18 year history in Indonesia, entering the market during the crisis period during the late 90’s and continuing to win business in the difficult environment of the early 2000’s. Our tenacity and confidence in the market was rewarded in the upturn, post 2005, when the country’s growth kicked into a higher gear. Leveraging our experience and strong relationships with satisfied clients, Renoir has been the dominant player in Indonesian implementation consultancy market.

Renoir has broadened our original MNC base to work successfully in the challenging areas of government and local conglomerates. These successes underscore our ability to understand cultures and demonstrates the strength of our sustainable change methodology.

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