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“Based on the solid results achieved, and the impressive professionalism of the consultants assigned to the INOVA Project, we recommend Renoir Consulting to other organizations and are happy to serve as references for them.”

- Reginaldo Bezerra, CEO , INOVA



Daniel Menezes

COO South America
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From The COO South America

Renoir Consulting Latam is one of the newest and fastest growing units in  Group.

In today’s business environment, where competitiveness is a key factor for the success of organizations, it is progressive and continuous the need for tools and information and assessment tools that enable managers and senior management monitor the structural changes, anticipate risks, make decisions achieve the goals and envision prospects for sustainable continuity of your company.

In this context, Renoir Latam plays an increasingly important role within organizations, with duties and responsibilities in the broad role in supporting effective and efficient management.

“The partnership with Renoir has provided conditions for to think the construction project in a different and more effective way”

Lucio Silvestre Chruczeski, Contract Director

We know that a good management needs a thorough analysis and synthesis easy to understand. After all, what can not be measured can not be managed. Thinking about it, we analyze, with precise tools, performance organization of your company and turn them into understanding universal indicators that will point the direction to follow. Our hands-on method puts us side by side with people who are part of the company and its production. This proximity with the team ensures that the team is united from analysis to implementation processes, improving routine business and also discovering and developing leaders.

We have focused our efforts in the growth industries of Construction, Infrastructure, Social Utilities, Services, Natural Resources, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing, amongst others.

Contact us at +55 11 3443 6464 or via e-mail.





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+55 11 3443 6464